There is a sacred horror about everything grand.

Working with Maggie is…I think probably been, you know pound for pound the greatest collaboration that I’ve ever had with another actor. I really enjoyed working  with her and I think out of all the things that we’ve achieved on Sons of Anarchy, the relationship between Jax and Tara is the thing that I find plays the the most real and deep and rich and it’s been the thing that I’m the most proud of [x]

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Maat- Atum | Conqueror of Chaos

ohhh myyy!! And this day has arrived, I’m uploading Maat! (Honestly this bandd iss AMAZING!) Are you a fan of Behemoth or Nile? This band is for youu!

So, a band from Berlin, formed in 2009, an egyptian death metal band.

 (check and this song if you are not convinced yet)

This song is from their brand new album -As We Create The Hope From Above.(2014)

To purchase the full album (you wont regret it) click here.

For more info click here or here.

For the lucky people living in Germany, click here to see their tour dates.

Enjoy. n.n

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I asked if we could go out and talk to the crowd and ask “Please, can you not take your phones out? Let’s just enjoy this with our eyes and ears.” And people were like “Oh, people are going to get upset and get mad.” But we tried it and people loved it and people applauded when we asked them for that. They applauded and everyone as a mob agreed, “We don’t like this idea, this practice.” Because I think it’s distracting for the people in the back who are trying to really watch and they see a sea of blue screens in front of them, between them and the artist. 

It should always be 80-100% experiencing what’s happening. And 10-20% documenting. 

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sleepy Hobbit cast & crew

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